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Different Massages We Offer

Are you looking for complete relaxation? Nothing quite matches our massages in Ealing service for relieving stress. Our massage in Ealing services include:

  • Full body Swedish massage: This full body massage takes an hour so either take a longer lunch or come in during your day off.
  • Indian head massage: This is shorter in duration and great for relieving tension. Your hair will be a little messy afterwards so make allowances if you need to go back to work.
  • Hot Stone massage: Deeply relaxing
  • Bamboo massage in Ealing: This is quite a novel method and highly effective at enhancing the benefits of a Swedish massage.
  • Mini Back & shoulders massage: Sometimes you just need a quick break and stress relief. This short session is useful when you just have a few minutes’ spare.
  • Mini Facial massage: Getting the blood circulating in the face can lend a radiant glow as part of your facial treatment in Ealing.
  • Mini Feet massage: Your feet take a pounding every day. Give them some TLC with this service.

Massage benefits

Having a massage has been used since ancient times to help ease pain and enable us to perform at our best. A simple back and shoulder massage can be a highly effective way of reducing the tension that leads to severe headaches and restoring the full range of motion of the neck and shoulders.

Massage is:

  • Useful for relaxing sore and tense muscles.
  • Often used by athletes to improve recovery time while training hard.
  • Able to stimulate the circulation and encourage the drainage of lymph in the body.
  • Good for correcting pain as a result of postural imbalances.
  • A great tool to boost immunity and overall well-being.

Looking for massage services nearby is an excellent step towards creating the well-being that you hope to experience in your life. A weekly session will ensure that your body is in optimal shape and stress-free going forward. This allows you to get so much more done.

Pricing Table
Treatment Prices
Full Body Swedish Massage £45.00
Indian Head Massage £20.00
Hot Stone Massage £60.00
Back & Shoulders £20.00
Feet £10.00