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Our Eyebrow Threading in Ealing Service

If you are someone who has never tried eyebrow threading in Ealing you are in for a treat. This is an ancient technique where the hair is removed using a piece of thread. Eyebrow threading in Ealing is something that has been employed in Indian culture for centuries.

We take our piece of thread and use a specialized motion to capture each individual hair. It removes the hair quickly, and almost painlessly, leaving very little redness or swelling. It’s faster and far less painful than using a tweezer would be, but gives results that last just as long.

And it is not just for the ladies - eyebrow threading for men can help to thin out bushy brows while still leaving them looking natural.

You no longer need to wonder, “Is there eyebrow threading near me?” Give Nu-Wave a call.

Our Facial Threading in Ealing Service

That peach fuzz that builds up on a woman’s face can be very annoying. It’s not an eyesore, as such, but it needs to go if you want a clean and clear look. You can’t shave it off, so what do you do? Why not try our facial threading in Ealing?

It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s virtually painless. Facial threading in Ealing, will work perfectly for that peach fuzz and also for those somewhat more stubborn moustaches. In fact, while we are doing your eyebrows, why not let us do this as well?

It’s a little faster when it comes to the face itself because we don’t have to be concerned with maintaining a specific shape. It’s better than waxing because hair does not need to be as long for the thread to grip it.

If you are asking yourself, “Does anyone offer facial threading near me?” the answer is, “Yes, Nu-Wave offers a full range of facial threading in Ealing.”



Pricing Table
Treatment Prices
Eyebrows £4.00
Upper Lip £3.00
Chin £3.00
Chin & Neck £6.00
Side of Face £5.00
Forehead £3.00
Men's Eyebrows £5.00
Full Face £20.00