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Our Waxing Methods

There is nothing quite like the smooth feeling of a freshly waxed leg. You walk into the waxing salon in Ealing wearing trousers to hide your hairy legs, and walk out with skin that feels soft and smooth. At our waxing salon in Ealing, we make use of a couple of different waxing techniques, depending on the area:
Hot wax: This is best when the hair is removed is thick and coarse. At our Waxing salon in Ealing we heat the wax and carefully apply it. We then allow it to cool and remove it in a quick motion. It is better for sensitive areas and reduces the chances of you getting ingrown hairs.
Strip Wax: This is where we heat up the wax and thinly spread it over the skin. We then place a cloth strip in the wax and wait for it to cool. It is then pulled off. This is better for larger areas, and you might feel more of a tug with this method.

What Are Our Waxing Services?

At our waxing salon in Ealing, we offer a full range of waxing services. So, next time you are wondering, “Is there a full-range waxing salon near me?”, you can call us at Nu-Wave. We offer a full range of services for ladies and men.
We are a waxing salon for men and women. So, whether you need to tame that back hair, or need to get a bikini wax, we will be able to help you.
You can get a full body wax, a full leg wax, or just get your eyebrows done, it all depends on what look you are after. Speak to one of our consultants today and see how we can help you get the smooth and streamlined finish that you have always wanted.

Pricing Table
Treatment Prices
Eyebrows £5.00
Upper Lip £3.00
Forehead £4.00
Chin & Neck £6.00
Full Face with Eyebrows £20.00
Full Arms £15.00
Half Arms £10.00
Underarms £5.00
Full Legs £18.00
Half Legs £12.00
Bikini Line £10.00
Full Bikini Hollywood £20.00
Hot Wax £25.00
Brazilian £20.00
Full Front £12.00
Full Back £12.00
Chest £8.00
Full Body £60.00